Skyler Barnes, MS, LPC

Chief Program Officer

Meet Skyler, Chief Program Officer

Skyler has been a professional in behavioral health for over 10 years. As the Chief Program Officer at The Core Collective at Saint Vincent, Skyler serves youth and the community by directing programmatic leadership and ensuring compliance. Skyler has been given many opportunities in leadership where she has been fortunate to help lead positive change for youth. Skyler holds an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, bringing both academic and practical experience to her role. As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri, Skyler works to continuously expand her expertise in various therapeutic modalities, focusing on her commitment to delivering top-tier mental health care.  Her professional journey is characterized by transformative leadership, a commitment to ongoing learning, and a passion for advancing mental health awareness.

Healing is the cornerstone of transformative healthcare for youth and communities, unlocking the potential for resilience, growth, and empowerment. In the mending of words, we not only restore individuals but also foster a community that thrives on the collective well-being of its members. Through compassionate care and targeted inventions, we plant the seeds of lasting change, creating a legacy of health, hope, and harmony for generations to come.