Nicole McKoy, MSW

Chief of Staff

Nicole McKoy serves as the Chief of Staff at The Core Collective at Saint Vincent, where she leads strategic operations with a warm and inclusive approach. Her dedication lies in transitioning the organization’s culture to align with their new mission of making well-being the standard for St. Louis, all while ensuring that the advancement of the youth they serve remains at the heart of every decision.

A proud alumna of The Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in Saint Louis, Nicole’s journey into community development was sparked during her time as a graduate student in 2011. It was then that she became deeply passionate about addressing the effects of disparate housing practices on Saint Louis neighborhoods. Since then, Nicole has proudly called Saint Louis home and has become an advocate for affordable housing and neighborhood redevelopment.

Before joining The Core Collective, Nicole served as the Divisional Social Services Asset Manager at The Salvation Army, where she oversaw affordable housing development and homelessness prevention programs.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Nicole enjoys spending quality time with her beloved dog-babies, King Louis and Shuggasmack Candyapple. You can often find her indulging in her hobbies of cooking, shopping, and taking moments for prayer and reflection.

With open hearts and unwavering commitment, we work to create a haven of compassion where every young soul finds comfort and support, our community thrives, and a brighter future blossoms for all.