Latosha R. Fowlkes, LCSW

President and CEO

In 2020, Latosha Fowlkes assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer at St. Vincent Home for Children. With her expertise as a visionary, change agent, and strategist, Latosha has successfully revitalized this esteemed 170-year-old organization, which is now recognized as The Core Collective at Saint Vincent (The CC). This rebranding reflects the implementation of an inspiring new vision, mission, strategic plan, and brand, all firmly rooted in the organization’s rich legacy. Latosha, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Illinois and Missouri, brings over 20 years of invaluable service and leadership experience to her position. Since relocating to St. Louis in 2010, she has effectively managed a vast portfolio of over 100+ supportive housing units across the city. As the Chair of the esteemed Children’s Services Coalition Latosha convenes and collaborates with area leaders to ensure a coordinated effort for developing and providing supportive services that reflect best practice in our region.

Her dynamic visionary approach, unwavering community connection, and deep commitment to the organization’s mission have earned her a reputation as a compassionate, empowering, and inspirational leader. Latosha is the recipient of the 2023 BJC John Anderson Salute to Excellence in Health Award.

During her leisure time, Latosha takes great pleasure in appreciating the beautiful parks within their region, spending time with family, traveling, and exploring new destinations alongside her husband, Captain Javan Fowlkes.

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